This Time of year we see all our student helpers return to school.  But the vegetable season remains in full swing for a few more months.  If you are interested in joining us as we care for our crops, please inquire.



To learn more about our CSA please choose the "CSA" tab above.


Spring Garden Plant Sale

Each spring we grow organic vegetable starts for local gardeners who what to garden organically right from the get go.  To learn more about our Spring Garden Plant Sale, please choose this tab in the "Our Products" menu.



Welcome to Morningside Farm where we are dedicated to bringing you safe, nutrient dense food.

Our USDA Certified Organic products are grown using sustainable, biologically based methods.  Our customers are invited to visit our farm and see how their food is produced and if you choose, join in the process.

There are three ways to enjoy the fruits of our labor

1.  Join our CSA.  40 shares are available for 2014.

2.  Call, Email or Text us.  Tell us what you want, we will package your order for your pickup.

3. Visit our market stand at Countryside, Shaker Square or Tremont Farmer's Market.