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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) creates a direct relationship between you and your food.


Convenience:  Weekly, you receive the best, freshest produce Ohio can offer at the same time, and pick up location, throughout the growing season.

Nutrition:  Your certified organic produce is grown following biologically based practices that promote nutrient dense food with complete mineral and enzyme content.

Adventure:  You are introduced to new vegetables and unique varieties of your favorites.  Experience new flavors and become amazed at how incredible common foods taste when grown locally and in harmony with nature.

Reconnect:  You are directly connected with your food and the systems that produced it.  You know where your food is grown, how it is grown and who grows it.  You also get the opportunity to work at the farm to experience first hand the satisfaction of growing real food.

Conscience:  Your participation helps not only you and your family but the community by adding local jobs and keeping your food dollars circulating in the regional economy.  You also share in our satisfaction as we work with the earth rather than against it.

What – Where – When – How Much

Each Week, for 20 weeks, June 11 through October 22, you will receive your share.  Each week your box will reflect what you eat and what we grow.  Something from each vegetable type, leaves, fruits and roots will be a part of each weekly share.  Amounts, variety and selection will vary with the season, the weather, and the pace of our crop’s development.  Please keep in mind that we grow over 200 different varieties of vegetables and small fruits.  So the possible combination of produce each weeks harvest is almost limitless.  Herbs, Blackberries, Red Raspberries, Black Raspberries and Blueberries are offered on a U-Pick basis. 

Pick ups are offered at the farm on Friday from 5pm till 7PM, and Saturday, at Countryside Farmers’ Market from 10AM till Noon.

The fee for the Summer CSA is $550.00.  Half of your payment, by check or cash, is due when you sign up.  The second half is due 30 day’s before your first pickup.  You will be asked to read, sign and return our CSA agreement to hold your share.

We will be offering 25 shares in 2013.

Farm Hands

Each CSA member agrees to work at the farm.  A strong back is a terrible thing to waste! What could be a better way to enjoy your environment and truly appreciate where your next meal is coming from?  We ask for your efforts for 16 hours each Summer.  You will need to schedule with us at least a week in advance so that we can plan appropriately for your participation.  We also ask that you consider spend an entire day with us or at least 4 hour increments so that we can make best use of your efforts.  If you are unable to help, other arrangements can be made. 

We look forward to growing your food!

Please feel free to contact us at 216-406-6621 or email us at to reserve your share.


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]]>Sat, 01 Dec 2012 12:58:16 -0600 ]]>Thu, 01 Nov 2012 11:57:49 -0500MorningSide Farm is a Certified Organic Farm.

We have put into production, land that has been ignored by modern agriculture for over 50 years.  Consequently, it is free of all the common chemical compounds found on conventional farms today.

Cover crops are planted in the fall to stabilize the soil, sequester nutrients and add biomass to the soil.

The soil is fortified with compost made available by local horse and livestock farms.  It is further amended with naturally occurring and organically approved minerals.

When available, we choose organically produced seeds.  In our greenhouse, we utilize locally created and organically approved potting soils.  Our trays and containers are manufactured locally.  Heat is provided to the greenhouse via a wood gasification boiler that burns with 90% efficiency.  The wood is grown and cut on the farm.

We control weeds with crop rotation, plastic and compost mulch, and mechanically.  And when all else fails, painstakingly by hand.

We control insects and microbial pests with crop rotation, mulch, floating row cover, beneficial microbes and organically approved biologically based agents.

Our crops are promptly harvested when ripe and delivered fresh.




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